We are a company that supports individuals in the purchase of a rental property. Our services include property visits, analysis, and evaluation of investment potential, enabling individuals to buy and sell intelligently. Evergreen Rental Property's mission is to make rental property investment incredibly simple, transparent, and enjoyable.

Evergreen Immobilier Locatif was founded with the aim of making turnkey and personalized real estate investment accessible. We are proud of our proximity and physical support, at prices that allow profitable investing. We value meeting our clients face-to-face and giving each client personal attention. We are not just voices at the end of a phone or on a video call.

Our team and partners are local, with our experience and network developed in the departments of Haute-Savoie and Ain. Therefore, we aim to meet each client over a coffee and maintain regular and personalized exchanges. Having been established for years, we know our area, so we can find the best properties.

BUT this proximity and personal connection doesn't have to cost a fortune! In order to offer you properties that exceed your expectations, our fees are only a maximum of 3% of the project for personalized support... Our very competitive fees put you on the right path to profitable properties. 

You will receive personalized and individual support. We work in a limited geographical area to be at your side and available to help you on demand. Throughout the process, we regularly exchange with you, and you can meet your advisor in person at your home or elsewhere. You won't be alone, and you can simplify your journey by being accompanied throughout your acquisition while keeping control of what you buy.

We are proud to be physically at your side to better understand your project and turn it into a success.

We count both beginner and experienced investors among our clients. Our personalised support allows beginners to start their first investments with confidence, and experienced investors to access to our network and allow us to carry out the time-consuming tasks. You just need to approve our choices.

However, we will study each client's profile carefully and application must be studied to validate the feasibility of the project. This analysis includes your personal and professional situation and the state of your personal financial situation.

Yes, the team visits a selection of properties. Visited properties are clearly identified as visited in our newsletters. If you are interested in a property that has not been visited in advance, we will visit it to validate all the points on our checklist related to your project. It is ideal if you can also attend this visit. 

Mostly, we provide you with listings from our professional network, which will, therefore, be subject to fees which are usually included in the sale price and paid for by the vendor. However, this allows us to obtain proposals that are not available elsewhere or off-market (not advertised to the public, only shared to a few key partners) ! We will occasionally be able to find properties being sold directly by the vendor, or that are not yet on the market.

Our advisors search for listings that align your investment requirements. They do not provide advice or negotiate with vendors, but they rely on a set of information to give you a summary sheet that condenses everything you need to know, so that you can make the decisions. 

The listings are found by our team of locally based experts. We receive their best offers as soon as they are published. We also search the websites of agencies and real estate networks. We avoid the big listings sites in the market to identify rare properties. Furthermore, no listing is automatically searched by robots: we ourselves search for and call agents to question them.

Evergreen Immobilier Locatif is paid by taking a fee of 1% to 3% (vat included) of the price of the property you buy, with a minimum of 1,000€. Evergreen Immobilier Locatif, therefore, does not make money when recommending external partners such as: bank, craftsman, notary, or any partner, allowing us to give you, our client, completely unbiased advice. 

Yes, Evergreen Immobilier Locatif holds the required license to legally exercise its activity.

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