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A local and dynamic company based in the French Alps

Our mission :
Supporting and facilitating real estate investment for everyone

Personalized support for each client is part of our DNA. We don't believe in a real estate investment that can suit everyone; each project requires a personalized property and solution. We devote individual time to personalized exchanges with you to actively understand and listen to your goal and limitations. Furthermore, we are not just voices at the end of a phone or on a video call.

Transparency is the key to trust. We aim to simplify and make buy-to-rent investments accessible. From our rates to our support services, absolute transparency allows everyone to succeed serenely.

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Our mission : supporting and facilitating real estate investment for everyone

Our team and partners
are geographically located near each project

Our team and partners are based in the French Alps, on the outskirts of Geneva. Therefore, we like to meet each client over a coffee and maintain regular exchanges when possible. Our expertise and network provides us with in-depth knowledge of the market, which enables us to find the best properties for you.

Each of our advisors is an investor in real estate. We share our experiences, adventures, and successes to help your project become reality.

HOWEVER, this proximity does not mean unreasonably expensive services. That's why we refuse to align ourselves with our competitors who charge 7% of the project in fees. We believe 3% is the correct maximum price

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Our team and partners are geographically located near each project
A word from the company’s founder: Stephen HOWROYD

A word from the company’s founder

"Hello reader ! Thank you for taking the time to look into our company ! I'm Stephen, the company's founder. I was born in Britain but have lived in France since 2006. Therefore, I'm a native English speaker but also bilingual in French. 

Investing in rental real estate changed my life. At the age of 25, I dared (with uncertainties and stress) to invest in my first apartment. My philosophy: investing today will provide me with a serene and stable future in several years.

So, one year after landing my permanent job with a net income of €2,000 per month and €10,000 in savings, I bought my first property. Before taking the leap, I read various books, talked to my friends, and watched videos and shows for months! Even then, I obviously made many mistakes that allowed me to acquire and strengthen my knowledge.

4 years on, 12 flats (in 6 different cities), 3 garages and 9 parking spaces later, with costly surprises, lots of work, taxes, and stress, I asked myself:

"How can I use my experience and knowledge to help others like me when I started to save time, money, and stress? What guidance would I have liked to have and when?”

Evergreen Immobilier Locatif, was born from this desire to help others invest successfully, and with minimum hassle. Using my varied experiences and knowledge, combined with a trustworthy support, that is transparent and reactive."

Founder of Evergreen Rental Real Estate and passionate investor

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